Market Size & Forecasting

Market Sizing and Forecasting entail the construction of robust market models, considering various macro and target market-related factors.

Market Sizing Approach:

  • Top-down approach: This method involves the collection of total sales and revenue data from all players in the target market. The top-down market sizing approach focuses on understanding the current market scenario and applying these findings to one’s own business.
  • Bottom-up approach:¬†While more time-consuming and demanding a thorough study and analysis of the target market, the bottom-up approach yields a more realistic and reliable figure. This method emphasizes a robust approach by gathering micro-level segment and facility data and extrapolating it to derive the overall market size.

Market Forecasting Approach

The forecasting process involves predicting demand drivers in each segment, projecting how likely and to what extent they are expected to change in the future. Various forecasting models, such as Patient Flow-based, Market-based, and Epidemiology-based, are constructed to understand critical assumptions and assess risks to the baseline forecast. This comprehensive approach ensures a thorough understanding of market dynamics and enhances the accuracy of future projections.

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